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Why entrepreneurship?

Wwhile everyone was busy in doing their jobs and completing their tasks, an entrepreneur is the person who dare to make change in the way people do their jobs and make available jobs to others on the basis of their ideas and innovative thoughts…Entrepreneurs enable new markets to be developed and create new wealth.
Entrepreneurial thoughts and new innovative ideas that make change in the society are supposed to be slow but if someone is capable of  thinking something new instead of copying other’s ideas then such person is most often to be able to reach good position in the field of entrepreneurship…

Entrepreneurs make change in the society through their unique offerings and services that bring change in the way once the work is being done. It also makes the life of people better in various ways and it surely plays important role in development of the country’s per capita and its wealth, which play a vital role in development of the economy and economic conditions of country…
Example: The example for this is, earlier in 90’s people used to go to the market to buy the stuff they need, but currently we people are making our purchases mostly online and which is also saving most of our time and energy...This way it make change in the ordinary person’s life…

Entrepreneurs are also called as the Risk takers, He is the person who decides to work for himself and challenge himself…It’s a way of taking a chance to bring the change. The attitude of risk taking is a necessary attribute for entrepreneurs to bring something to reality. There may be chances to fail and negative impacts might come along the idea. As we all know starting a business is always risky compared doing a job...
The amount of the risk can be reduced by convincing the investors to come along with your venture, but you can’t avoid the risk if you are going to start a new business and innovate something

Capability to be an Entrepreneur:
Entrepreneurs always need to be creative and he/she should have the leadership qualities who can initiate something that hadn’t done yet. He/she should be independence apply the thoughts and make idea into reality...He should be a leader who show the way to his employees...He should be able to manage the time efficiently and he should use it wisely, He should not spend the time, he should invest in time…Investing in time is what makes him successful…He should be able to think positively in negative situation to handle the pressure that comes with the situation…

*These are some of the point which I found to cover since long and if you liked the article do follow me for more such useful thoughts and motivational stories….

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